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IN : EU Digital Decade Workshop
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5G Observatory releases annual stakeholder workshop summary

If you missed the workshop first held on the 26th of October, a summary report is now available for download.

You can download the workshop summary in PDF format here. Additional links to the PowerPoint presentations from the workshop can be found below:

The 5G Observatory successfully held its 5th Stakeholder Workshop online on Thursday, 26th October between 10:30 – 13:30 CEST. The workshop discussed the findings from the latest 5G Observatory bi-annual report released just days earlier.

The workshop also included a panel to discuss the evolving policy and market needs for 5G service deployment tracking and reporting. The panel included Sietse van der Gaast (BEREC), Edwin Fischer (Deutsche Telekom), Rosanna Ingravallo (Ericsson), Alexandre Bey (Airbus) and Ceri Howes (Open Signal).

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