Open RAN

Open RAN allows operators to mix and match components and software from different suppliers in their towers and base stations. This may boost competition and innovation and could speed of 5G rollout.

European Operators urge action on OpenRAN

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IN : EU Digital Decade

Five of Europe’s biggest operators have released a report which calls on policymakers, EU Member States, and industry stakeholders to collaborate and urgently prioritise Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN).

Open RAN lab to open in Germany

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IN : EU Digital Decade

A new innovation lab called i14y will be opened in Germany with the support of the Federal Government.

Nokia restarts O-RAN Alliance work

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IN : Gigabit Society
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Nokia has resumed its technical contribution to the O-RAN alliance after the group announced assurances its work complied with US regulation.

Telefonica and NEC announce open RAN trials in Spain, Germany, the UK and Brazil

Telefonica and NEC have announced the launch of an Open-RAN live pilot in four global markets.

Nokia pauses O-RAN alliance work due to fear of US penalties

Nokia has informed the O-RAN alliance that it is suspending technical work in the group, due to fears over US penalties.

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