5G Spectrum

Spectrum is a major focus for the mobile industry. To meet the increasing demand for higher and higher mobile data rates, the mobile industry eyes spectrum in low and high frequencies.

WRC-15 key decisions on IMT allocations and use at the global level, were threefold:

  • The 700 MHz band was identified for IMT use in Region 1 (Europe and Africa) and in few countries in Region 3 (Asia-Pacific).
  • The 3.4-3.8 GHz band was also identified for IMT in Region 1, Region 2 (the Americas) and a number of countries in Region 3.
  • Studies are ongoing on 24-86 GHz spectrum ranges for 5G use. The 25-27.5 GHz, 31.8-33.4 GHz, 37-43.5 GHz, 45.5-50.2 GHz, 50.4-52.6 GHz, 66-79 GHz and 81-86 GHz frequencies are particular targets.

WRC-19 key decisions on mmwave bands for 5G were the most important agenda item (1.13)

  • WRC-19 identified in the bands 24.25-27.5 GHz, 37-43.5 GHz, 45.5-47 GHz, 47.2-48.2 GHz, 66-71 GHz for IMT
  • The key issues were to decide what could be the power limits and other conditions to protect the satellite. The main issue in 24.25-27.5 GHz was the protection of Earth Exploration Satellites (EESS) in 23.6-24 GHz and Fixed Satellites (FSS) in 24.25-27.5 GHz.
  • WRC-19 also agreed for very light conditions to protect FSS in 24.25-27.5 GHz from 5G base stations (5G base station of EIRP above 30 dBW/200 MHz to be selected)
  • WRC-19 adopted conditions for use of 18/28 GHz spectrum for E-SIM and suitable provisions to protect terrestrial 5G and microwave links.

Identification of 3300-3400 MHz, 3600-3800 MHz, 4800-4990 MHz, 6425-7025 MHz, 7025-7125 MHz and 10-10.5 GHz bands for 4G/5G is on the WRC-23 agenda.

All pioneer bands: DESI Score
IDATE DigiWorld, December 2020
700 MHz band: DESI Score
IDATE DigiWorld, December 2020
3.6 GHz band: DESI Score
IDATE DigiWorld, December 2020
Frequencies where appropriate sharing and compatibility studies have to be conducted in time for WRC-19 (WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.13)
Identification for IMT Additional Allocation
24.25-27.5 GHz 24.25-25.25 GHz
(31.8-33.4 GHz)
37-40.5 GHz
40.5-42.5 GHz
42.5-43.5 GHz
45.5-47 GHz
47-47.2 GHz
50.4-52.6 GHz
50.4-52.6 GHz
66-76 GHz
81-86 GHz
Source: based on ITU WRC-15 final Acts, Resolution 238

Latest News in Europe

Slovenian operators pay 164 million EUR for new mobile spectrum

Slovenia’s Agency for Communications Networks and Services (Akos) announced the completion of the multiband auction, which raised 164.2 million EUR.

A1, Vivacom andTelenor secured 5G spectrum in 3.6 GHz band

All bids were above the initial reserve price set at 4 million BGN (2 million EUR)

5G auction in Denmark raised 2.1 billion DKK (279.1 million EUR)

Conclusion of the multi-band auction including spectrum in the 1500 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands.

5G Supply Market Trends: Second Stakeholder Workshop on 19 May 2021

The workshop is the second stakeholder workshop in the 5G Supply Market Trends project that has been launched by the European Commission in September 2020. The first stakeholder workshop on 5G Equipment and Supply Market Trends and Perspectives of Open Initiatives was held on 16 December 2020. The study on 5G Supply Market Trends aims […]

Spain completes 3.5 GHz spectrum assignment for 5G in a day

Telefonica and Orange were the only two bidders to apply to participate in the SMRA bidding at the end of December 2020

Sweden completes 3.5 GHz spectrum auction for 5G in one day

The auction raised 2.32 billion SEK (226 million EUR)

The 5G Greek auction raised 372.3 million EUR

The long-awaited multi-band 5G auction in Greece ended on December 16, 2020 after six rounds of bidding. It raised 372.3 million EUR just exceeding targets of 367 million EUR. The three current MNOs got spectrum in all bands for sale (700 MHz, 2 GHz, 3.4-3.8 GHz and 26 GHz). Vodafone spent the most with 130.2 […]

Free Mobile launched commercial 5G services in France

The operator launched 5G at the price of 4G

Slovak Telekom launches 5G

The network is available in eight districts of Bratislava

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