5G private networks

The following page provides an overview of 5G private networks followed by a searchable table of major private network projects in the EU.

The section on 5G private networks focuses on the EU countries that are deploying commercial private 5G networks. Private networks are best defined as those networks that are not typically utilised by consumers (for mobile voice and data services) but use network elements and resources to provide dedicated secure services to private enterprises such as factories, plants, large campuses, ports and airports. The architecture models can vary from completely private networks (all network elements owned and operated by the enterprise), through to a hybrid approach whereby a managed service provider or public operators provide access to their network infrastructure assets and/or spectrum. The diagram below has been extracted from the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) which shows the different private cellular network architecture options that can be implemented in non-public network scenarios (primarily aimed at industrial networks).

Private cellular network architecture models (Source 5G-ACIA)

The roll out of private 5G networks is still in a relatively early growth phase that will be an important contributor to the continued productivity of Member States and adoption of new technologies for enterprises that will support the ongoing development of the 5G ecosystem.

There is particular interest by the Commission on which spectrum bands are used across different Member States for the deployment of private networks, noting that currently a limited set of frequencies are being used in some Member States. Notably, the decision by the regulator in Germany to allocate a dedicated 100 MHz portion in the 3.7 -3.8 GHz range for use by verticals enabling so-called 5G campus networks.

An update of the status and progress of private 5G network deployments is given for each Member State using the following structure:

  • Identifies each private network per country based on published information
  • Identifies which companies are deploying private networks including operators andvendors involved
  • Identifies the sectors in which private 5G networks are being deployed
  • The spectrum band being used where information is available.

The list of private 5G networks in the table below is based on research of publicly available information. It is a non-exhaustive list and the Observatory team endeavour to obtain as much information on published private 5G network deployments as possible.

Latest News in Europe

European Commission launches second call for 6G projects

The application period will begin on January 17 and end on April 25.

European Commission to fund 5G research for defence applications

A new consortium brings together vendors, technology companies and research institutes from 11 EU Member States.

Spain to offer up €60 million for 5G projects

The funding will be available for 5G projects in areas of tourism, security and connected vehicles.

German telecoms regulator reviews 5G coverage targets

Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone all claim to have largely met the coverage obligations.

France issues €750 million call for 5G and 6G projects

The French government is supporting research and development (R&D) projects on advanced 5G and future network generations.

A1 Slovenia records a 45% increase in data usage in 2022

The operator also says its 5G network now reaches 66% of the country’s population.

New German market entrant 1&1 launches fixed wireless service

1&1 has begun to roll out its 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) service in Frankfurt and Karlsruhe.

Italian operators launch 5G infastructure sharing company

WindTre and Iliad have launched a joint venture company called Zefiro Net which will facilitate infastructure sharing in rural areas of Italy.

5G Observatory scoreboard updated

Romania and Estonia’s spectrum auctions are now reflected in the scoreboard which keeps track of 5G developments in Europe.

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