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Telia and Ericsson announce Baltics’ first enterprise 5G private network in Tallinn

The network represents a “significant step in the region’s digital transformation, accelerating business operations and fostering innovations,” the companies said.

The network has been deployed at Ericsson’s Supply Site in Estonia. Ericsson says this site plays a strategic role in its global supply chain, and the private network will boost new product development by enabling an agile layout and design of the manufacturing facility.

The network, Ericsson Private 5G, went live on 2 May 2023. Its reliability, predictable latency, security and speed are expected to make possible a range of use cases, including asset condition monitoring, computer vision, digital twins and collaborative robotics.

The network provides 4G and 5G connectivity via a single server dual mode core. It has already begun to have an impact at the supply site, enabling monitoring and management of numerous devices in a defined area, providing better coverage with less infrastructure and ensuring seamless connectivity through a rapid increase in wireless sensors on the shop floor.

Telia Estonia and Ericsson say they were the first to open new generations of mobile networks in-country. They expect their collaboration on the first private 5G network there to bring significant value to customers, creating opportunities to test new use cases and driving industry-wide adoption.

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