THE 5G Action Plan

Announced in 2016, the 5G Action Plan is an European Commission initiative to boost the deployment of 5G across the EU. Its targets included the release of spectrum bands and commercial launch of 5G services. Most of these objectives have been achieved, but some are still being pursued. Read more about the 5G Action Plan here.

ETNO says Europe’s 5G rollout is lagging behind global peers

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IN : 5G Action Plan EU Digital Decade

The association says although 5G coverage has increased, Europe is not as advanced the United States, South Korea and China.

Bite Lithuania claims 5G speed record ahead of launch

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IN : 5G Action Plan EU Digital Decade

The mobile operator says it achieved speeds of 2.679 Gbps.

Tele2 Lithuania launches 5G

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IN : 5G Action Plan EU Digital Decade

The service will use recently acquired spectrum from the country’s 5G auctions.

5G Observatory workshop scheduled for 20th October

The 5G Observatory will be holding its 4th Stakeholder Workshop online on Thursday, 20th October between 10:30 – 13:30.

Lithuania completes 3.6 GHz auction

Lithuanian regulator RRT has confirmed that it has sold all licences on offer in the band.

Estonia completes 3.6 GHz spectrum auction

The Estonian regulator has raised a total of €17.3 million from the award.

Telia says it covers 1/3rd of Estonia’s population with 5G

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IN : 5G Action Plan EU Digital Decade
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Estonian operator Telia says it now operates 204 5G base stations and is using its newly acquired spectrum licences in the 3.6 GHz band.

Belgium completes 5G spectrum auction

Citymesh Mobile has emerged as a fourth operator in the Belgian market by securing spectrum in all the bands on offer.

Elisa Estonia launches 5G using new 3.6 GHz licence

Elisa says its network will initially be used to offer fixed wireless access (FWA) home and office broadband services.

The Netherlands to award 3.6 GHz band in late 2023

A special advisory committee to the Dutch government has released its recommendation for moving forward on the delayed spectrum award.

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