THE 5G Action Plan

Announced in 2016, the 5G Action Plan is an European Commission initiative to boost the deployment of 5G across the EU. Its targets included the release of spectrum bands and commercial launch of 5G services. Most of these objectives have been achieved, but some are still being pursued. Read more about the 5G Action Plan here.

Commercial 5G services now available in all 27 EU countries

Recent 5G launches in Portugal and Lithuania mark the achievement of a major 5G Action Plan target.

Telia becomes first operator to launch commercial 5G in Lithuania

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With the 5G “Pioneer Bands” not yet available the service will use an existing mobile band.

Spain launches consultation on 26 GHz for 5G

Spain’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO) says making this band available will serve as a national “stimulus for the implementation and development of 5G technology”.

Spanish operator Yoigo claims its 5G services cover 54% of the population

Yoigo, which is operated by Masmovil, says its 5G network now reaches a total of 686 municipalities.

Portuguese regulator seeks to establish market interest in 26 GHz

Portugal’s National Communications Authority has launched a consultation on the use of the 26 GHz band for 5G.

Telenet to launch 5G in Belgium using provisional spectrum

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Belgian telecom operator Telenet has announced plans to deploy its 5G mobile network in the country starting on December 6.

Epic launches 5G in Malta

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The Maltese telecom company Epic (formerly Vodafone Malta) has now launched its 5G network.

Portuguese operator NOS launches 5G

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NOS has announced that it is the first operator in Portugal to launch 5G, following the country’s spectrum auction in October.

5G Observatory stakeholder workshop taking place this Thursday

Titled 5G in the Digital Decade, the virtual workshop will review findings from the previous report and look ahead to the latest market trends and global developments.

Portugal completes multi-band spectrum auction

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Portugal’s national regulator ANACOM has announced that the auction, which included frequencies well suited for 5G has completed.

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