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ETNO says Europe’s 5G rollout is lagging behind global peers

The association says although 5G coverage has increased, Europe is not as advanced the United States, South Korea and China.

In ETNO’s latest State of Digital Communications report, the organisation says 5G coverage in Europe reached 73% in 2022, an increase of 11% since 2021. This is lower than global peers. 5G coverage is approaching 96% in the USA, 95% in South Korea, 90% in Japan and 86% in China.

The European Telecommunications Network Operator’s Association or ETNO represents major European mobile operators.

Source: ETNO State of Digital Communications 2023

This is despite an increase in investment by mobile operators. ETNO says telecoms investment (including fixed, mobile and others) in Europe reached its highest level since 2016. Total European telecoms CapEx (Capital Expenditure) in 2021 was €56.3 billion. 

Source: ETNO State of Digital Communications 2023

However, compared to other major markets, ETNO says Europe continues to trail its peers. Investment per capita adjusted to GDP was €104 in Europe in 2021 compared with €260 in Japan, €150 in the USA and €110 in China.

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