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Frankfurt pilot transforms street lamps into 5G hotspots

A pilot project by 5G-Synergiewerk GmbH, telecom provider O2 Telefónica and energy supplier Mainova is converting street lights into 5G spots to densify the city’s 5G network.

The system also integrates an irrigation system, including an external water tank, which turns the lights into smart digital watering cans for surrounding trees.

The idea is to use existing urban infrastructure as efficiently as possible, to expand it with digital solutions for a better mobile network and intelligent irrigation, and to improve the quality of life for city dwellers, the companies said. The pilot expands on a successful 2021 project in which the partners erected Hesse’s first 5G street light.

O2 Telefonica transits over several frequency bands, offering 5G in the 3.6 GHz range as well as LTE in 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz. The small radio cells “optimally complement” the existing network while they use existing municipal infrastructure for 5G expansion – paving the way for numerous smart-city applications, the companies said.

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