Private networks

Spain to fund private 5G networks for the military

The Ministry has launched several tenders with the total value of €50 million.

Belgian government to fund 21 pilot 5G projects

A total of €20 million euros will be distributed to projects in various fields such as healthcare, emergency services, logistics and defence.

Vodafone unveils ‘5G in a box’ prototype

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The operator says the prototype will enable small businesses and households to extend 5G coverage and increase capacity.

Italian 5G private network market could be worth €200 million by 2025

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Although growth in 5G private networks in Italy has been slow so far, a new report from the 5G & Beyond Observatory says it has potential.

Nearly 1000 organisations now deploying private networks

This figure has increased by about 66 since Q2, with a 60-40 split between LTE and 5G deployment technologies.

Vodafone and Porsche build “hybrid” private 5G network

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A new 5G network is now operating at the Nardo Technical Centre (NTC) in Southern Italy.

Report: Private 4G/5G equipment market slowing

Telecom market analyst Dell’Oro Group says the private wireless radio access network (RAN) market is developing at a slower pace than expected.

Report: 37% of private mobile network deployments use 5G

A new report published by Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) finds that 5G private networks are growing in popularity, although 59% of private networks use LTE rather than 5G.

Nokia launches 5G Open Lab to accelerate private wireless networks in South Korea

The initiative will allow local companies to test their solutions and services and will use licences in the 4.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands.

Vodafone UK to deploy marine-focused 5G trials

The operator will build a marine-focused private network in collaboration with Nokia in the port of Plymouth.

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