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IN : EU Digital Decade Workshop

5G Observatory releases latest bi-annual report

The latest edition of the 5G Observatory report has now been published ahead of tomorrow’s workshop.

A PDF version of the latest report can be found here. A PowerPoint version of the latest scoreboard can be found here.

The latest report covers several new 5G developments across the European Union. It takes account of three major national spectrum auctions in Estonia, Sweden and Poland. These auctions bring the total percentage of 5G pioneer bands assigned across the EU to 71%.

5G population coverage across the European Union remains at 81%. However, population coverage of 5G service based on the 3.6 GHz band, which gives an important indication of high-quality 5G coverage, is still considered to be low.

The report also summarises the recent State of the Digital Decade report published by the European Commission. New policy developments and efforts by the Commission to improve the 5G Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring 5G progress are also covered.

The report also features an exploratory editorial that considers the relevance and feasibility of monitoring the deployment of standalone 5G (5G SA) in the European Union. This editorial charts current progress in the 5G SA rollout, and considers the relevance of 5G SA towards achieving EU Digital Decade goals.

The 5G Observatory report is a bi-annual (twice yearly) report on the latest developments towards EU 5G targets and policies, as well as international trends. It can be downloaded here. The interactive scoreboard can be viewed here.

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