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Poland completes 3.6 GHz auction

The four mobile network operators who took part will pay a total of PLN 1.921 billion (€429,000,000) for the 5G spectrum.

Poland’s regulator UKE has announced the 3400—3800 MHz spectrum auction’s winners. It says licences should be issued by early December.

The regulator put up four blocks of 100 MHz for sale, and bidders could acquire a maximum of one block each. There were 17 rounds of bidding over three days. Each of the country’s four major operators will receive one 100 MHz block.

With the 3.6 GHz auction completed, Poland has assigned a core 5G pioneer band. It was the last Member State that had not yet assigned any pioneer bands.

UKE president Jacek Oko said that with the 3.6 GHz auction completed, the regulator would now focus on developing the terms of its tender for the 700 MHz band. It plans to publish these terms soon.

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