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IN : 5G commercial launch

Telefónica Germany to deploy portable 5G base stations

Telefónica Germany, which operates under the brand name O2, hopes to use the base stations to provide additional capacity for large events.

Each mobile unit features an antenna which can be extended up to a height of 30m. The base stations will provide both 4G and 5G coverage to O2 customers using a variety of spectrum bands including the 3.6 GHz band.

As well as being used for events such as the Octoberfest and music festivals, Telefónica says it hopes to use the mobile base stations in case of emergencies or natural disasters where traditional telecoms infrastructure is damaged.

Because the mobile radio units are short-term, no building permits are required. Telefónica says it only needs to obtain a certificate from Germany’s telecoms regulator the Bundesnetzargentur.

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