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Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom partner on sustainable 5G radio site

The companies trialled using wind energy as well as solar to power a site in Germany.

The radio site, which is located in the Bavarian municipality of Dittenheim, first began using solar power over a year ago. Now, Ericsson has added a wind turbine as a second renewable energy power source. Ericsson says this will add five kilowatts of additional power to the site.

Using the Ericsson Power System, the company integrated these two sources which means the radio site can theoretically be operated on a stand-alone basis, without utilizing its connection to the power grid.

In the future, the company plans to integrate additional energy sources such as fuel cells to replace the need for diesel generators which are kept in reserve for emergencies.

“Ensuring an integrated management of clean, efficient and reliable power sources and usage is key for sustainable mobile site operations,” said Leif Heitzer, SVP Technology Guidance and Economics at Deutsche Telekom. 

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