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Drei 5G now reaches 85% of Austrian homes

The operator says this follows the “largest investment offensive in the company’s history”.

Drei’s network coverage is now available in four out of five households thanks to 5G standalone technology, the Austrian MNO announced. The use of new low-band frequency bands is enabling 5G coverage in underserved areas, as well as greater indoor coverage.

“With our new 5G and 5G+ data plans, we are pursuing the goal of giving customers access to the best available technology,” said Drei CEO Rudolf Schrefl. The telco is one of the first providers in the world to offer mobile internet with bandwidth guarantees, known as 5G+, he said.

Last year, Drei became the first telecom operator throughout Austria to release the next stage of development in 5G Standalone mobile communications on a large scale for homes and businesses, it said.

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