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O2 Telefónica Germany announces launch of its 5G standalone network

The operator is launching what it calls “5G Plus” on October 10th.

The company describes 5G Plus as the most advanced communication standard that will enable near real-time communications in the future, deliver even higher speeds and offer new features. For customers, it says this will improve the experience of digital applications such as virtual and augmented reality or sophisticated mobile gaming.

5G standalone (also known as 5G SA) is a network configuration that operates independently of existing LTE networks, allowing for various improvements over non-standalone networks. It can enable several benefits, including increased performance, improved end-user battery life and the enablement of new features such as 5G network slicing.

O2 Telefónica says its iteration of 5G SA uses spectrum frequencies that are exclusively earmarked for 5G. In particular, 5G Plus will use 700 MHz, 3.6 GHz and 1800 MHz (DSS).

O2 customers will be able to activate 5G plus for free for 12 months using their “My O2 App,” the web portal, in-store, or by calling the company’s hotline. Their handset will also need to be 5G SA compatible.

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