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Telia increases 5G coverage to 84% across six European markets

Swedish mobile operator Telia has improved coverage across its footprint from 77% earlier this year to 84% at the end of Q2 2023.

The group expanded 5G coverage in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia.

The highest coverage was recorded in Lithuania, where Telia’s network now covers 99% of the population with 5G.

Telia’s 5G coverage improvements in other markets are as follows:

  • Sweden: 73% (previously 63%)
  • Finland: 86% (previously 83%)
  • Norway: 92% (previously 89%)
  • Denmark: 90% (previously 85%)
  • Lithuania: 99% (previously 95%)
  • Estonia: 68% (previously 43%)

Telia says these improvements are improving the ability of consumers to stream video, play games or dive into new experiences in virtual reality, while also enabling new industrial use cases such as automated transport systems, service robots, and more accurate global positioning.

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