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Telia Finland and Nokia test 5G designed for low data rates

Telia has teamed up with Nokia and chipset partner MediaTek to perform a field trial using Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology.

The field test was conducted in Finland on Telia’s production network on a 5G Standalone (SA) core network using MediaTek’s RedCap test platform. The test also included a mobility section.

RedCap, or reduced capability is a new 5G feature meant to serve less data-intensive use cases such as industrial wireless sensors, video surveillance and wearable medical devices. First introduced in 3GPP Release 17 for 5G NR, it is meant to bridge the gap between extremely low-demand use cases like IoT sensors and high-demand high-speed enhanced mobile broadband.

Telia claims that by the end of September, its 5G population coverage now stands at 90%. The company says that it will continue to test and implement new 5G features while also expanding its network.

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