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Spain announces recipients of aid for 5G projects

The Spanish government has awarded a total of EUR 9.5 million to seven projects.

All funded projects aim to promote the use of 5G technology in various industry sectors.

“This aid program is tremendously transformative to apply disruptive 5G technology to economic activities, multiplying the possibilities through this new step in digitalization,” said Secretary of State for Telecommunications Digital Infrastructures María González Veracruz.

One selected project will develop industrial connectivity and 5G applications for the virtual management of plant operations in the automotive sector. A second involves a hub operated through Extended Reality (XR) to integrate waste treatment plant management and operation systems.

A further project proposes to prevent fires in the countryside and avoid their impact on the agri-food business via a network of digital solutions supported by a 5G communications network with ultra-low latency.

Another aims to promote digitalisation and decarbonisation of an industrial centre via a 5G communications solution that enables the development of new operations and applications in the industrial environment.

A full list of winning bids can be found here.

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