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European Commission reveals winners of 5G corridors funding

The Commission has revealed the winners of the second round of funding under the Connecting Europe Facility Digital programme (CEF Digital).

In total seven additional projects will be funded under CEF Digital in 2024. Of these, three will begin deploying infrastructure straight away, while four will work on inception studies to prepare the groundwork for future large-scale 5G infrastructure projects.

This is the second call under the programme, which was designed to reinforce the initial call that took place last year. A third call for projects is currently underway and will close on 20 February 2023.

The winners of this call that will begin building infrastructure are as follows:

5G BALKANS: uninterrupted connectivity covering the Bulgaria-Serbia border

5G BALKANS will aim to provide uninterrupted connectivity between Sofia and Dimitrovgrad. It will provide future uninterrupted connectivity by deploying dark fibre and providing gigabyte infrastructure.

Total EU contribution: €3,364,403

BALTCOR5G: Deploying 5G and V2X infrastructure cross-border between Poland and Czech Republic

This project aims to deploy 5G and C-v2x infrastructure on cross-border road corridor sections between Poland and The Czech Republic to enable high-quality seamless network coverage and handover.

Total EU contribution: €2,058,524

IrishSea5GCOR: 5G Corridor and v2x network for future CAM and FRMCS services in Ireland

The IRISHSEA5G project will be implementing passive and active 5G infrastructure in the Irish Sea cross-border corridor between North Ireland and Rosslare Harbour.

Total EU contribution: €5,206,719

In addition to these projects, a further four winners will work to develop inception studies. These are as follows:

5G HSL EUROLINK: inception study for the deployment of 5G along a rail cross-border section between Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium)

5G FREJUS: inception study to prepare deployment of 5G in the Fréjus cross-border section between Italy and France

EUR 5G-ADRIA: inception study for 5G cross-border deployment between Slovenia and Croatia on the Mediterranean corridor

EUR 5G-SITACOR: Inception study for the deployment of 5G along cross-border sections of the TEN-T Mediterranean and Baltic–Adriatic corridors between Italy and Slovenia

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