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Vodafone Germany says 5G network now reaches 90% of the population

The operator says it now reaches 74 million people with its 5G network.

This is a significant increase from last year when the operator’s 5G coverage stood at 66%. In total, the operator has installed 43,000 5G antennas at 14,200 sites.

Over half of Vodafone’s sites are also enabled with 5G standalone (SA), which it calls 5G+. The company says it covers 37 million people or 45% of the population with 5G SA.

Overall, Vodafone describes an increase in 5G adoption. It says 43% of the smartphones that operate on its network now support 5G, up from 26% last year. Data consumption per user is also at an all-time high, having increased by 50% to an average of 3 GB of data per customer.

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