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Telia expands 5G coverage to 95% of Lithuania’s population

The Lithuanian mobile operator has further expanded its 5G coverage.

Earlier this year, the operator announced it had achieved 85% population coverage. This figure has now increased to 95%.

Telia says its 5G network now reaches Birzai, Pakruoji and Kupiski, which are all located in the northeast of the country.

“Since the beginning of the development of 5G, we have made every effort to expand it as quickly as possible to the entire periphery of the country outside the metropolitan areas, and these three cities in the northeast are among the last stops,” says Arūnas Strolia, head of Telia’s network.

Telia says it’s targeting 99% 5G coverage by mid-summer. Last year, Telia became the first operator to launch commercial 5G services in the country.

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