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Telenet to launch 5G in Belgium using provisional spectrum

Belgian telecom operator Telenet has announced plans to deploy its 5G mobile network in the country starting on December 6.

The network will rely on provisional spectrum provided by the Belgian regulator BIPT in the 3.6 GHz band, which Telenet says will limit coverage. Telenet says a full 5G rollout can only happen when the upcoming 5G auction takes place in 2022.

The operator says that the first areas to launch will be located around Leuven, Antwerp and the coast. It says customers with a 5G smartphone and a ONE, ONEup, KLIK and KING or KONG Business subscription will benefit from the new network, while users of Telenet Business and the consumer-focussed subsidiary, BASE, will have to wait until 2022.

Telenet says its 5G network will be gradually developed over the coming years, and by 2025 it will cover the entire mobile network of Telenet and BASE.

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