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26 GHz holds back achievement of EU 5G goals

The lack of demand for this band was identified in the latest 5G Observatory quarterly report.

The report found that only 7 out of 27 EU countries had assigned the 26 GHz band. This contrasts with mid-band spectrum which had been assigned in over two thirds of Member States.

There have been notable differences in how the 26 GHz band is being assigned in the different Member States. In Germany, a part of the band was made available for local licensing, while in Italy the regulator opted for a “club license” approach where any winners could access unused 26 GHz spectrum but must take their networks available to third parties on a wholesale basis.

The 5G Observatory quarterly report found that although initially, the mmWave bands proved popular, with the US and Japan leading the world in making them available, their popularity had now waned.

This was found to be a bottleneck for achieving 5G related EU targets because the 26 GHz band is one of three pioneer bands targeted for assignment in all Member States.

To read the report in its entirety, click here.

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