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Telefónica Germany reaches 75% 5G coverage

The German mobile operator says it now operates more than 18,000 5G antennas.

Telefónica, which operates under the brand name O2 in Germany says it has hit this new coverage target ahead of schedule. The operator surpassed its initial 2022 coverage target of 50% in July.

The operator says it is heavily utilising the 3.6 GHz band in its 5G rollout, particularly in urban areas. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne are amongst the cities with the most 3.6 GHz base stations. Telefónica’s holdings in the 700 MHz band are also being used in the rollout.

“We are accelerating our 5G rollout and giving Germany a digitisation boost. We are bringing the new high-speed mobile network to more and more cities and, above all, rural regions even faster,” says CEO Markus Haas.

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