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T-Mobile launches network-slicing beta

The US-based operator has launched a new beta for developers to test video calling features.

T-Mobile says the beta will allow developers to “supercharger” their video calling applications with network slicing that enables consistent uplink and downlink speeds and lower latency. The company says it plans to expand the network slicing beta to additional application types and use cases in the future.

T-Mobile’s network slicing beta is available today for iOS developers in Seattle and San Francisco and is expected to expand nationwide and to Android later this year as device manufacturers adopt the slicing capabilities available on Android OS. 

Network slicing is a new capability enabled by 5G SA which allows telecom operators to create separate and isolated networks for different use cases. Each slice can be configured differently. As they are isolated from each other, the performance of one would not impact another.

“The wireless industry has talked about 5G network slicing for years and at T-Mobile we’ve been putting in the work to bring it to life,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “Thanks to our nationwide 5G SA network, T-Mobile is the only operator in the country capable of unlocking this technology so developers can immediately begin creating applications that can one day provide tangible benefits to wireless users everywhere.”  

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