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IN : 5G trials

Spain and Portugal trial first 5G autonomous public transport

The 5G-driven public transport system had its first run crossing the Spanish-Portuguese border.

The trials were held at the International Bridge Tui Valenca on the Spain-Portugal border, a high-traffic corridor connecting the cities of Vigo and Porto.

Autonomous vehicles would use the low latency and service continuity of a 5G network to bring traffic, navigation, service demand and other social aspects to public transport.

EU-funded, 5G-MOBIX wants to deploy 5G corridors along cross-border locations to meet coverage demands of connected, automated vehicles.

Their 5G network would also provide business opportunities to develop 5G services and other applications to autonomous vehicles. Coverage loss is one of the main aspects that 5G-MOBIX wants to resolve. “The EU’s single market benefits from seamless cross-border transportation, while at the same time connectivity suffers from interruptions when crossing borders,” said Coen Bresser, project coordinator at 5G-MOBIX.

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