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IN : 5G trials

European operators pilot 5G holographic calls

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone Group teamed up with company Matsuko for a trial to make holographic calls employing 5G and edge computing.

The trial platform was made possible through 5G, taking advantage of high speed, broad bandwidth and low latency, to overcome challenges to creating “realistic 3D imagery which existed until now”.

Holograms are created using selfie cameras to capture and transmit a real-time holographic image, before processing it through an advanced rendering machine. It is then delivered virtually through VR glasses.

Speaking about the trial, Matus Kirchmayer, MATSUKO’s CEO said: “The objective of initial pilot was to deliver a ‘one-to-many’ holographic experience with a virtualised broadcast approach that would enable an audience to see an individual present virtually – as a hologram – with stunning realism”.

With the trial complete, the companies pledge to continue to improve and advance the technology towards enabling broadcast-like delivery.

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