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IN : EU Digital Decade

Report: Europe trailing its peers in 5G rollout

A new report suggests more policy action is needed to ensure the EU can meet its Digital Decade Goals.

The mobile industry association GSMA has published its new Mobile Economy Europe Report which reveals that by June 2022, 108 operators in 34 markets across Europe (both EU and non-EU) have launched commercial 5G services. It also notes that 5G takeup amongst consumers is growing and now reaches 6%.

However, the GSMA suggests that “tough market conditions” are causing the continent to trail behind its global peers. The report predicts that by 2025, the average 5G adoption rate in Europe will be 44%. However other world economies such as South Korea are expected to reach 73% adoption and Japan and the US are likely to reach 68%.

“Europe is adopting 5G faster than ever before, but greater focus on creating the right market conditions for infrastructure investment is needed to keep pace with other world markets. This should include the implementation of the principle of fair contribution to network costs,” says Daniel Pataki, GSMA Vice President for Policy & Regulation, and Head of Europe.

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