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NOS Portugal launches 5G standalone

The operator also said its network now covers 93% of the population.

Two years after becoming the first operator in Portugal to launch 5G, NOS says it is introducing upgraded standalone (SA) technology into its network.

NOS says deploying 5G SA will allow the operator to introduce services with differentiating characteristics such as guaranteed quality of service (through network slicing technology) and ultra-low latency services.

The introduction of 5G SA is being developed in partnership with vendor Nokia which is implementing a new 5G data core and signalling components. The voice and customer profile elements will be developed by Ericsson.

NOS says its customers are increasingly using its 5G network. One in four customers already owns 5G-compatible equipment, and of these, 84% are using 5G regularly. The adoption of 5G is expected to grow quickly as 76% of all phones sold by NOS today support 5G.

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