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Nokia signs core and software agreement with NOS

The Finnish vendor has signed a new agreement with the Portuguese mobile operator.

NOS selected Nokia to build its 5G Standalone core. Nokia says this will provide the operator with the ability to deliver new innovative 5G customer offerings at scale with advanced operational efficiencies.

The companies have also signed a memorandum of understanding to utilize Nokia’s “Network as Code” platform. Under this agreement, Nokia and NOS will work to create application programmable interfaces (APIs) that will enable third-party developers to write software programs for a variety of industrial, enterprise, and consumer use cases.

Nokia says it has signed similar agreements to use its API platform with ten network operators and ecosystem partners since it first launched its platform in September 2023.

“Innovation is a core tenet of our market leadership in 5G and the collaboration with Nokia has proven to be key in that continued success,” says Jorge Graça, Chief Technology Officer at NOS. “With the introduction of Nokia’s 5G SA Core we can further monetize our assets by exposing our network functions and exploring new growth opportunities.”

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