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New roadmap promotes US-EU collaboration in developing 6G

The report was published by the US-based ATIS Next G Alliance and the EU-based 6G Industry Association.

The paper which is titled “EU-US Beyond 5G/6G Roadmap” is meant to affirm the two regions’ commitment to collaborating in the development of 6G networks.

The collaborative input provided in the roadmap will be considered for inclusion into an EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) 6G vision established by the US and EU governments.

The paper contains a set of reflections and recommendations for 6G networks and services, capturing the views and priorities from Next G Alliance and the SNS JU.

It also aims to provide directions for collaboration opportunities that will go beyond the scope of such funding instruments, assisting the academic and business stakeholders between the two sides of the Atlantic to identify mutually beneficial opportunities.

“The development of 6G smart networks and services requires different countries working together. A tighter collaboration between EU and US creates several mutual beneficial opportunities for the two regions. This document is the first step for such a collaboration,” says Colin Willcock, Chairman of the 6G-IA Board and vice-Chairman of the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking Governing Board.

The full roadmap can be found here.

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