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Nokia restarts O-RAN Alliance work

Nokia has resumed its technical contribution to the O-RAN alliance after the group announced assurances its work complied with US regulation.

In a blog post, mobile networks president Tommi Uitto reiterated Nokia’s commitment to the O-RAN alliance.

The company had previously paused its work on the alliance, citing fear of US penalties for working with Chinese technology firms. The announcement follows the O-RAN alliance’s assurances that it had changed its documents and procedure to put them in line with US restrictions.

Uitto writes “While much has been written in recent days about that decision, I want to re-iterate something that has not – and will not – change: Nokia is fully committed to O-RAN and a believer in the potential of O-RAN.”

He continues “the speed with which the O-RAN ALLIANCE has been able to resolve recent issues speaks to the spirit of community and co-operation on which it was founded. Rest assured that Nokia will continue to play a leading role in shaping its exciting future.”

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