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5G Observatory releases new streamlined quarterly report

The 5G Observatory has published its new quarterly report which gives readers an updated overview of major new 5G developments in Europe and international markets.

The new report is available for download here. The 15th quarterly report uses an updated format which makes it easier to navigate and read.

In addition, some sections will now be available on the 5G Observatory website. This includes the newly redesigned and interactive 5G scoreboard. The European scoreboard can be found here, and the international scoreboard can be found here.

The new streamlined design will make the Observatory’s work more accessible while also cutting down the length of the report.

Additionally, Report 15 features new analysis of 5G spectrum use in the European Union. The report finds that there is a significant reliance on existing spectrum bands for 5G, with two thirds of mobile operators using 1800 MHz and 2.1 GHz spectrum in addition to the pioneer bands.

The 5G Observatory will publish key highlights from the report in the coming weeks on our website.

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