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Vodafone UK trials standalone 5G

Vodafone is trialling the network with “select customers” in seven locations across the country.

Vodafone says it’s the first UK mobile operator to switch on its standalone (SA) 5G network. Standalone 5G is a type of network which provides services through an end-to-end 5G network. Vodafone says 5G SA will bring improved smartphone battery life, better indoor coverage and greater responsiveness.

Select customers in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Bath, Glasgow, and Birmingham who have Oppo Find X3/X5 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21/S22 handsets on Unlimited Max plans will be contacted by SMS to take part in the trial. The trial comes at no extra cost to participating customers and they can opt-out whenever they wish.

Vodafone says to enable the roll-out of 5G SA to the entirety of the UK, support is needed from the Government and regulators.

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