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Vodafone Germany trials network slicing

The network operator adapted the technology to use its 4G network so it can support more end-user devices.

Vodafone says network slicing technology was used to cover a motor race in Nürburg which was live-streamed using its network. The company imagines future use cases in logistics and media.

Network slicing is a fundamental 5G technology that allows the creation of separate network sectors. Each of these can be tailored for a specific purpose and act independently, allowing the network to be more flexible.

Although network slicing is a 5G technology, Vodafone has chosen to test the technology on a 4G network. The company says it did this because of a lack of device support for standalone 5G.

“At the moment, medium-sized companies and large corporations need stable and reliable networks. However, many end devices in the economy currently only support 4G. That is why we have made the 5G technology network slicing 4G-compatible – and thus enabling our business customers nationwide to have particularly reliable networks where they are needed,” says Alexander Saul, Managing Director Corporate Customers, Vodafone Germany.

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