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Vodafone announced its 5G partners in Germany

Vodafone Germany partners up with Deutsche Bahn and automobile firms for the first 5G mast in the country.

Vodafone Germany announced its partnership with Deutsche Bahn and automobile firms (e.GO, Audi and Continental) for the activation of the first 5G mast in the country.

Earlier this year, Vodafone Germany partnered up with Ericsson and Intel to carry out a 5G demonstration of a holographic phone call between Dusseldorf and a moving electric minibus (manufactured by e.GO) in Aldenhoven where the 5G mast is located, covering a 400,000-square meter test area.

The German operator launched as well a 5G testing lab in Dusseldorf, a testing area that will determine if upcoming devices such as smartphones, tablets and IoT sensors are compatible with the deployed 5G network.

Other German operators are getting ready to launch 5G services by multiplying 5G trials and demos such as Nokia and Telefónica Deutschland which signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop a 5G innovation cluster. Telefonica’s trials are expected to start in November 2018 in partnership with Samsung which provides a complete end-to-end millimeter wave solution at 26 GHz. Deutsche Telekom announced the testing of 5G antennas in downtown Berlin since May 2018.

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