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Three Ireland trials 5G standalone

The mobile operator has teamed up with Ericsson for the test.

Ericsson says Three is the first operator in Ireland to launch 5G standalone. The technology will be made available to select corporate customers who will have the opportunity to test and trial its capabilities.

5G standalone (also known as 5G SA) is a network configuration that operates independently of existing LTE networks, allowing for various improvements over non-standalone networks. It can enable several benefits, including increased performance, improved end-user battery life and the enablement of new features such as 5G network slicing.

“The introduction of 5G Standalone capabilities on a public network for the first time in Ireland marks a new milestone in our partnership with Three Ireland,” says John Griffin, Head of Ericsson Ireland. “5G Standalone is the ultimate next step in meeting the growing connectivity demands from consumers and businesses who require premium performance.”

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