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IN : 5G trials

Telia Norway demonstrates 5G network slicing for Norwegian Armed Forces

A network slicing trial results in Norwegian Armed Forces’ mobile traffic being separated from other traffic in Telia Norway’s national 5G network, ensuring secure communication.

The demonstration came as a result of an agreement reached in the spring of 2022 between Telia Norway and the Norwegian Defence Agency to collaborate on 5G and private mobile networks.

“For several years, we have worked on securing both 4G and 5G for military use in close cooperation with the operators,” says Kennet Nomeland, a radio system architect in the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency. “Whereas 4G was a ‘one size fits all’ technology, 5G gives us far more opportunities to adapt the mobile network for military use.

In parallel with the network slicing demonstration, Telia Norway and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning also demonstrated how emergency workers can use Telia’s 5G mobile network.

“We demonstrated how TETRA [Terrestrial Trunked Radio] terminals from the emergency network can use Telia’s mobile network when needed,” says Henning Huuse, a 5G business development manager at Telia Norway. “With the help of network slicing, this traffic can also be separated and prioritised, and it is possible to set up conversation groups in which both dedicated emergency network terminals and regular smartphones can be included.” 

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