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Telefónica Germany reaches 90% 5G coverage

The company says it has achieved its year-end coverage target ahead of schedule.

Telefónica, which operates under the brand name O2 in Germany, is now targeting nationwide 5G coverage by 2025. It says it is “well on track” to hit this target.

The company also says it added 302,000 new mobile contract customers and its monthly churn rate was around 0.8%.

It made the announcements in its recent earning statement in which the operator says it saw strong demand for mobile services and an increase of 4.4% in revenue.

“We are maintaining our strong momentum and continued to grow profitably in the second quarter of 2023 despite a slowing economy,” says O2 Telefónica CEO Markus Haas, “the digitization of Germany is based on mobile data. We see this in the steadily increasing demand for our products and services from end customers and businesses.”

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