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Tele2 Latvia extends 5G coverage

The mobile operator has extended its 5G coverage to 64 areas.

Tele2 says it has recently installed 25 new 5G base stations to expand its network to Bervirtsava, Bene, Kapsede, Kronauce, Ķekava, Launkalne, Madon, Namiķi Rujien and Vilce.

Additional 5G cell sites have also been deployed in markets such as Riga, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Salacgriva, Saldus, Sigulda and Tukum, boosting coverage in those locations.

Tele2 says it has observed an increase in data consumption on its 5G network, which has risen by more than 75% in the last three months. “Currently, more than 65,000 of our customers use 5G technology on a daily basis, and their number has doubled in the last three months,” says the Technical Director of Tele2, Līga Krūmiņa.

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