Report: 455 operators have launched Fixed Wireless Access services

The Global Suppliers Association (GSA) says that while the majority of these operators are using 4G, the number deploying 5G has also grown.

The new data was unveiled in the GSA’s Fixed Wireless Access Market Survey report. The report says that of the 249 operators that had announced their intention to launch 5G FWA, 103 are now marketing 5G FWA services. This is an increase of 151% since November 2021.

Figure showing the number of operators in each region investing in 5G FWA (Source: GSA)

Nevertheless, 5G only accounted for around 20% of launched FWA services, with 4G being far more popular. The US is leading with a total of 46 operators in the country actively marketing 4G FWA.

The report identified far fewer 5G FWA services, with a maximum of four operators in any country having launched 5G services.

Figure showing countries where operators have launched 5G FWA services. (Source: GSA)

The GSA says that LTE and 5G are now a “mainstream mechanism” for the delivery of broadband services to homes and businesses. The organisation expects the number of FWA services to continue to rise, particularly as more 5G networks are built out.

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