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Nokia and Proximus conduct 5G network slicing trial

Nokia and Belgian operator Proximus tested the technology at the Proximus 5G Innovation Lab in Brussels.

Nokia says the trial demonstrated how, by using network slicing, a consistent customer experience can be ensured under congested network conditions.

Network slicing is a fundamental 5G technology that allows the creation of separate network sectors. Each of these can be tailored for a specific purpose and act independently, allowing the network to be more flexible.

In the trial, three devices were configured on three end-to-end slices. Each slice was given a different percentage of the total bandwidth. Finally, all devices were connected to the base station simultaneously.

Nokia says the trail highlights how an operator can control and dynamically adapt slice parameters. Nokia says this technology could also be used to share a radio network between multiple operators.

The trial used 50 MHz of spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band. A Nokia 5G AirScale base station was used.

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