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Lufthansa expands its private 5G network in Hamburg

Lufthansa Technik, which provides maintenance and repair services for aeroplanes has announced that it will expand its private 5G network with a new ten-year licence issued by the regulator.

The company first launched the network as a trial in 2020 but has since expanded it. Initially, the network was used to provide high-resolution video streams for a virtual inspection of engine parts.

Lufthansa Technik says this proved particularly useful in the covid-19 pandemic, as it allowed customers to get their engines checked remotely.

Now the firm is now extending its network to a second engine shop where other engines are maintained.

The network uses a so-called “campus licence” provided by the country’s telecoms regulator, the Bundesnetzargentu (BNetzA). Lufthansa Technik says it received a fixed ten-year licence from the BNetzA at the end of 2021. The operator says this licence will allow it to expand its private network with more certainty.

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