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IN : 5G auctions 5G spectrum

First 5G auction in the Netherlands will start on June 29

Licenses will allocate spectrum in the 5G-suitable 700 MHz

The Netherlands’ radio frequency spectrum agency Agentschap Telecom announced that the country’s multi-band mobile auction spectrum will start on 29 June 2020.

Licenses will allocate spectrum in the 5G-suitable 700 MHz band in keeping with an EU deadline to allocate the frequency by end-June and will include coverage obligations of 98% geographic coverage of all domestic municipalities. Spectrum in the 1400 MHz and 2100 MHz bands will also be allocated in the auction.

The 3.6 GHz auction is planned for 2022 as the band is currently used for satellite communications. Spectrum at 3400-3450 MHz and 3750-3800 MHz is intended to be made available for local use.

Spectrum in the 700/1400 MHz is expected to become available from 2020, the 2100 MHz spectrum from 2021, the 3.6 GHz (3400-3450 MHz) from September 2022 (3400-3450 and 3750-3800 MHz from 2026.

VodafoneZiggo announced the activation of its 5G network in late April across more than half of the Netherlands. In partnership with Ericsson, the operator implemented 5G services via its existing antennas and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology which allows operators to dynamically allocate some of their existing 4G LTE spectrum to 5G.

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