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Ericsson, AWS and Hitachi trial 5G smart factory

The trial took place at Hitachi Americas’ electric motor vehicle manufacturing plant in Berea, Kentucky, USA.

The trial focused on real-time digital video, AI, and edge-to-cloud technologies to automate fault detection inside the factory.

In the trial, real-time video of the component assembly operation was fed across the Ericsson private 5G network to an AWS Snowball Edge device running Hitachi video analytics. Ericsson says its 5G network helped detect defects earlier, reducing wasted material and lost production.

“The best news about this collaboration is that it is not about capabilities that will be available at some distant point in the future,” says Ericsson’s Head of PCN Commercial and Operations Thomas Noren. “These solutions can be deployed today in manufacturing and enterprise environments to deliver a range of early adopter competitive advantages.”

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