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Emerging operator 1&1 to launch OpenRAN network

The German company says it will launch its own network on December 8th.

1&1 says from this date its customers will be able to access its own network infrastructure which is based on OpenRan technology. The company currently operates as a virtual mobile network operator and broadband provider but is working towards becoming Germany’s fourth national mobile operator.

Although the operator is launching its own network next week, it will continue to rely on roaming agreements with existing operators to connect customers in areas that its own network has not yet reached.

1&1 says that customers will initially roam on Telefonica’s network, but this will change to Vodafone’s network in Summer 2024 when the company’s new agreement with Vodafone kicks in.

The operator will eventually need to cover 50% of the country’s population with 5G services by 2030 as set out in the licence conditions attached to the spectrum that it acquired in 2019.

Previously, 1&1 failed to reach its rollout target of building 1,000 masts by the end of 2022. It is believed that the German regulator is considering fining the operator for not achieving this target, which was set out in the company’s spectrum licences.

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