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Bulgaria assigns 700 MHz & 800 MHz bands

The Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) has awarded licences to A1, Vivacom and Yettel Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has completed the award of the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands to the country’s three largest national mobile operators. Each operator received two 2 x 10 MHz licences. Licences will be valid for 15 years.

A1 won frequencies in 703-713 MHz/758-768 MHz and 832-842 MHz/791-801 MHz bands. Meanwhile, Vivacom received frequencies in 713- 723 MHz/768-778 MHz and 842-852 MHz/801- 811 MHz bands, and Yettel was awarded 723-733 MHz/778-788 MHz and 852-862/811-821 MHz bands.

The 700 MHz band is one of the 5G pioneer bands and is particularly important for wide area coverage due to its favourable propagation characteristics.

Following this award, Bulgaria has now made all 5G pioneer bands available, including the 3.6 GHz which was assigned in 2021, and 26 GHz which was awarded in 2023.

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