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Belgium’s Citymesh gets Nokia Drone Networks platform

Nokia says it will provide 70 Drone-in-a-Box units to Citymesh for its emergency response product.

Branded SENSE by Citymesh, the 70 drones will be deployed in 35 emergency zones across Belgium and will gather information in the critical 15-minute period immediately following a call. 

Nokia says these drones will be equipped with high-definition and AI-enhanced thermal imaging cameras to capture real-time aerial footage and transfer it to control centres even before emergency teams have had time to leave.

“SENSE is a great example of how technology can save lives. We’ve been impressed with Nokia as our partner for reliable wireless connectivity and an outstanding turnkey Drone-in-a-Box solution that we can customize to our specific needs,” says Hans Similon, General Manager of Citymesh Safety Drone, “together, we’re making Belgium safer and proving just how innovative we are as a nation.”

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