Belgian government to fund 21 pilot 5G projects

A total of €20 million euros will be distributed to projects in various fields such as healthcare, emergency services, logistics and defence.

The Belgian government has announced the winners of its 5G pilot project tender. Mobile operator Orange came out as a big winner, having been selected to carry out a total of 12 of these projects. Private networking firm Citymesh was awarded five projects.

The government says the projects will accelerate 5G innovation in Belgium which it says has suffered from a slower 5G rollout than most other EU countries. The call for projects was originally announced in July 2022.

The winning pilots target various industries. Orange and healthcare organisation i-mens will develop a real-time translation tool for doctors to overcome language barriers in healthcare. Meanwhile, Citymesh will pilot a project that aims to use 5G-controlled drones to provide emergency responders with instant live insight into emergency situations ahead of their arrival at the site.

A full list of projects can be found here (in Dutch).

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